Undergraduate Courses

Topics include the basics of how cameras work, signal and image processing, principles of optics and photography, introduction to stereo and motion, and having fun with images and photography.
Pre-requisites: Linear Algebra and Calculus.

16-385 Computer Vision

Instructor:Kris Kitani

University Units:9.0

Semester Offered: Spring More

15-462 Computational Photography

Instructor:Kris Kitani

University Units:12.0

Semester Offered: Fall More


  • Semantic Component Analysis (ICCV 2015)

    What you see depends not only on what there is to see, but also on what you expect to see. Human vision relies heavily on priors about how things should appear in the world, allowing for efficient vis......


  • Activity Forecasting (ECCV 2012)

    We address the task of inferring the future actions of people from noisy visual input. We denote this task activity forecasting. To achieve accurate activity forecasting, our approach models the effec......


  • The Panoptic Studio: A Massively Multiview System for Social Motion Capture (ICCV 2015)

    We present an approach to capture the 3D structure and motion of a group of people engaged in a social interaction. The core challenges in capturing social interactions are: (1) occlusion is functiona......